Monday, June 4, 2012

Some NICE photos (I know, so very punny.)

Greetings loved ones! Here are some of those photos I promised from yesterday!
To give you a basic timeline since Saturday:
We landed
Waited an hour and a half for our bus that was reserved by accident for the wrong day
went to our apartment-style hotels
figured out our dinner group
went grocery shopping
Got food for 3 days for 6 people for 84 euro. THAT was amazing-15 euro per person for 3 days!
Made dinner-cuban food and rice!
Went to the pool
Watched Sleepless and Seattle
Went to church
Went to the Matisse Museum
Went to the Chagall Museum
Walked home (loooooong walk when it's a fast sunday!)
Took a much needed nap
Made spaghetti for our break-the-fast was fantastic!
Watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton

Amanda and I and our matching color scheme at church!
Me: Dress/Belt-YiNess, Shoes-TOMS, Cami-F21, Necklaces-LiaSophia
Amanda: Dress/Shoes-DownEast

Streamers in the park!

Orange(?) trees outside the Matisse Museum

Ancient Roman ruins at the park

So turns out I got some wrong info-YESTERDAY was french mother's day-NOT last sunday.
So here are some more festive Mother's day streamers for celebrations in the park!

On the walk home

Living the good life

Loving all the palm trees!

At first, the city of Nice was called Nike (like the shoe)-which is a greek word for Victory-
as far as I know, Nice was never owned by Greece, but this picture kind of reminds me of those grecian towns all stacked up by the sea!

So many of these old houses mixed in with the new-and of course beautiful flowers everywhere!
I am experiencing so many mixed feelings right now.
On the one hand, I am so anxious I can barely stand it to get back home to be with my sisters and brother, go rock climbing, eat with my best friends, and go back to school shopping with Mama.  Then to go on my road trip back up to Utah for summer term, to go camping, climbing, Salt Lake-visiting, wedding-going, and all the other fun things Utah has to offer this summer.
But on the other hand-I am mentally preparing myself for the inevitable meltdown that is sure to come when Friday night comes and I start packing up to leave this beautiful country.

But for now, I'm just going to ignore it all and go to the beach :)

All my love, B.

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