Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I had promised a  post forever ago to tell all that was on my mind.  I even made a list about it in preparation, but you all know how life has that cool way of changing any and all previously made plans.

Anyway, I have returned to the P-town Mormon bubble. And I must say, what a night and day difference it has been between this and last year. Just a small taste of the experiences of the past week:

Road trip with Andrea. After packing up all my earthly possessions into far too many boxes in a single night, I packed up the Sportage (henceforth known as Dexter), woke up at the disgusting hour of 6, and drove for 22 hours straight.

Funny things happen when you are literally fighting to stay awake, knowing you have no access to a hotel, a cousin hell-bent on driving straight through, and the absolute reality that falling asleep behind the wheel means certain death.  So, at about 11:30 p.m., the music blasted, I drank a frightening amount of Monster (in hindsight, the worst idea ever. My metabolism processes that crap way too fast), and acted in such a way that would be an embarrassment to my whole family. What I'm trying to say is, let's take a road trip, we'll have fun. :)

Upon arrival, it came time to check in to my new apartment.  I hadn't met any of my roommates yet, and was a healthy amount of nervous. 

First bonding experiences:
1. We had a squatter living in our apartment. 
2. Our entire building almost burned down and I blew it out. Yes, I blew it.  Don't make me feel stupid about it, I'm no Eagle Scout.

My roommates are incredible though.  I could not have been placed in a better living situation.  The complex is social and beautiful, and I won't hold myself back this year the way I felt I had to in Helaman last year. My roommates and I all work together so well, and they are all truly beautiful people. I have my own room, just slightly bigger than a jail cell, but mine nonetheless. Our apartment is in a perfect location for visitors, and our ward is AMAZING. We have a pool/hot tub, and something is happening at all times. You want to see a few pictures? I thought so. Many thanks, Sydney, since I have been so lame and not gotten around to taking any.

Laura, Sydney, and I

Apt. 112 complete.

So much fun with our new friends at Sammy's.
You ever had a delicious pie shake? I didn't think so. Were you wanting to try one? I KNEW IT. Go to Sammy's.

 Sorry to cut short, but I really do have to try and finish this Anthropology assignment I decided to ignore while Dead Poet's Society was on, but I can honestly say I am so looking forward to this coming year.  I already feel so much more at home than I ever thought possible.  Which, thank goodness, because I won't be returning to Keller long-term for a very long time. If all goes according to plan, next spring will be spent in France, the summer back here in Provo working at my, ahem, new job as a Research Assistant for the Marriott School, as well as taking more dance classes. Then we start this whole process over next fall, and who knows what will happen after that? I still consider the possibility of a mission nearly every day. But more on that later. I have much to say.

In closing, I'm sure you remember how much I love pictures:

This will be me.

And I'll go here.

And this is true.

And this. Is. Beautiful.

And so is this.

And this.

And I wish I had this perspective more often.

And I want a man with this kind of swag.

And this makes me laugh.

And this is the Swell Season. Go watch Once. Go. Now.

And this is beautiful.

And so is he.

And so is this.

And this too.

And I might probably sell a kidney for a chance to visit this place.

And this place.

And I very much have a woman crush on Natalie, which you already knew.

And I would ride this for days.

And travel here. Once again.

Time for sleep. Nope, time for more homework. Not to put a damper on the rest of your evening, but Niel just killed himself on Dead Poet's Society. Yeah, it's time to go.

All my love, B.