Monday, June 4, 2012

Another perfect day (warning: picture overload!)

Ok I apologize.  There's no way I cannot post about this day. It was just one of those that was so very full in so many ways, and I feel so so so blessed to be here! (And sorry again, I apparently love the word "so"....I could get a little more creative, but it's 2 a.m...I guess it just goes to show the depth of my gratitude for today!)

After lounging at the pool in the sun for an hour, it started pouring rain (weird) so we ran inside, but made sure to watch the storm-watching it just come down on top of the palm trees was strangely such a gorgeous thing to see!

After it finally calmed down, we headed down to the beach (Miami Beach-pretty funny to find that all the way in France!) to check out the CRYSTAL CLEAR BLUE WATER and do some impromptu modeling. The beaches here aren't really what you'd think a normal beach would look like.  They're not sandy-the "beach" actually is just made of a bunch of pebbles that require some pretty skilled coordination, but it is still so so beautiful. See for yourself!

It's pretty clear why they call it the Azure Coast now, isn't it? It's so BLUE! :)

After that, we got some last minute necessities for the apartment (some TP and some extra ingredients for our fish and rice with zucchini and lemon dinner) and some baguettes and oranges! -we thought we looked too cute walking home with our groceries, we took some "not staged" photos of us walking up the hill.

And then we ran into one of the most beautiful puppies I've ever seen! His name was caramel and we had so much fun playing with him and speaking with his owners-an adorable little french girl and her mama.

Then I found a single dandelion growing out of the grass and just had to pick it up!

After eating dinner, we headed downstairs for our "Family Home Evening" (an LDS monday night tradition where families get together to have a spiritual thought and an activity), and we celebrated the 24th birthday of one of the only 4 men who came on the trip.  Sadly no photos were taken of this event, but I had a chocolate creme puff that was TO DIE FOR (as per usual when it comes to french pastries of any kind).

Then came the highlight of the evening-we had planned to go down to the edge of the coast where there is a chateau and some ruins and a breathtaking panoramic view, but unfortunately after we arrived the area was closed.  So instead we got one of our other "assignments" done and walked through Old Town Nice.  SO gorgeous! We bought some amazing gelato (strawberry, salted caramel and sweet cream for me!) and then headed to the coast. 

We ran into some amazing back streets and an entire square full of gourmet seafood restaurants that smelled AMAZING.

When we got to the coast, I got chills from the scene that awaited us.  I so wish it was possible to capture what I saw in a picture.  That moon-I haven't thought as profoundly about my life as I did whenever I would turn my head and see this moon, how clear it was, and how the reflection made a path through the water that came right up to the coast. Amazing.

I had an amazing 45 minute walk back up the boardwalk in the cool night air.  The temperature was perfect, the coast was lively, and I spent time with two of the most beautiful girls I have ever met.  Not the greatest picture (still trying to figure out how to do good night photos on this camera)

Today just made me reflect on how hard I worked to get here and how grateful I am that this dream became a reality!  I remember having given up on this dream altogether but then suddenly receiving a spiritual impression that I needed to apply anyway, and I know now without a doubt that this is where I was meant to be at this time in my life.  Heavenly Father saw need that I be in France this Spring, because this is where I needed to learn the life lessons that are necessary to this time in my life. And oh how I have learned.  And made lifelong friends.  Walking up the coast tonight reminded me once again that Heavenly Father truly has my needs in mind and puts people and experiences in my path to help me attain the highest level of happiness if I put my trust and faith in Him. I know that no matter how worn out, poor, or jobless I am when I return home, every single second I spent here was absolutely worth it.

Even if you're not laying on a beach next to the Mediterranean sea right now, go outside, look at the beautiful June sun and thank Heavenly Father for all the beautiful things that are in your life.  There are so, so many.

All my love, B.

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Olga said...

You are so pretty! Love these pictures. The places look amazing!

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