Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back soon

i miss this little project of mine.

this semester really has turned my world upside down.

knocked me all the way down to and beneath the floor

with no real promises of relenting just yet.

so, in trying to avoid turning this whole blog into one big fat sobfest,

i'll wait a bit longer, until i've made it through to the other side

and then i can look back with love and respect and reflection

on all the things that Heavenly Father somehow trusted me to hold

these past three months.

See you then.

all my love, B.


Chantel said...

I hope you are doing well! I miss you, and I hope that life is offering things for you to grip on to until you make it through this. Happy, funny, and tender moments. I know how it feels to have a prolonged period of being knocked down, and I'm amazed at your positive ability to move forward. Love you Birdie!! xo!

chloe-michelle said...

wow. this is beautiful. life sucks sometimes and I totally find myself wanting to wait tip it passes a little so I can comment on it in a....calmer frame of mind.

but at the same time, I'd hate to see you shut out something wonderful. your thoughts are always welcome.

:) just so you know. hope all is well. LOVES.

Melissa Andrea said...

Brittany! I hope you're doing alright! You should swing by the MOA one day so we can catch up :)

Habitat Parisien said...

Hi! we love the work you do with you blog!

Rosie said...

I know this post was written months ago, but just thought I'd say that I just found your blog and it seems so lovely! Hope you're having an easier time of things now. xxx