Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Here in the adorable downtown of Colorado Springs
After a marvelous (and surprisingly affordable!) deep dish pizza dinner at Old Chicago
My beloved twinners and I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom at the cutest little indie film theatre.

(google images)

I can't decide if it was the most adorable or the most pointless movie I've ever seen, but it sure was visually stunning to watch. I never thought I'd see Bruce Willis in a role in this kind of film, and I never thought I'd see  a makeout between two 12 year olds, but all in all the movie experience was still quite enjoyable!

All I can conclude at this point is, Edward Norton has an eternal baby face and "we should do half today and half tomorrow, because you're a less experienced hiker, and you're wearing sunday school shoes."

I also cannot wait to see Ruby Sparks and Anna Karenina.

Back to explore the wild tomorrow! And I'll be unveiling my brand new hair (I just can't leave it alone!)

All my love, B.


Sara said...

So glad you saw Moonrise Kingdom! I personally loved it but I feel ya on the whole potentially thinking it's pointless. And Bruce Willis was definitely interesting to see in an indie flick for once!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love love love this movie. probably pointless, but i loved it.


SydneyHughes92 said...

Parts of it I loved, parts of it I didn't. But I especially loved the Sunday school shoes bit. :)