Friday, June 22, 2012

Brace yourselves...

So over the next few weeks I'm going to be switching up my blog layout and design.  If you haven't noticed, I've had two themes going on for the past little while-
Music. Love. Sunshine. Life 
Birdie in Paris   
I'm trying to transition over to all Birdie in Paris now.  I know that Paris is over, but it's definitely a part of who I am now and I don't want to ever leave that totally behind. 

So I apologize to anyone who visits in the next few weeks-don't get scared off by the lack of organization you are sure to see!

If you have one of my buttons, I would appreciate it so so so much if you'd grab my new "Birdie In Paris" button off the sponsor page.  I'll come out with new sizes soon if mine doesn't work for you.  But I think that should help to alleviate some confusion over the true identity of this blog. I'm working on it! Promise! What is summer for if not huge, time consuming projects?

what I'm not loving:
City parking stress
9,000 reading assignments and a 12 page paper hanging over my head job.

what I am absolutely loving with allllllll of my heart:
having no school on Fridays!
Meeting in SLC (I told you I'd find any reason to come out here) to go to the arts festival with my beautiful twin friends/old roommates!
**I don't understand why this text decided to highlight itself white? Ok. This blog definitely needs some work.

please excuse my giant man-arm

Finally getting to visit the SLC library-my not-so-inner nerd was going craaaazy!

free Chobani yogurt!
City creek mall and french baguettes from the new city creek Harmon's

This weekend's off to a great start!

All my love, B.

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