Monday, June 18, 2012

upon my return.

So I spent last Thursday through Saturday driving through like half an hour of Oklahoma, forever and a day of desolate Kansas wilderness, the breathtaking gorgeousness of Colorado Mountains, and the wonderful everything of Southern Utah. I came with my grandparents, and that was just such an amazing experience.  I have NOT gotten to spend an adequate amount of time with them in years.

So, when I arrived, what I expected was to constantly be making this face

because of what an instant party it was supposed to be.

But instead I've found myself making this face a lot.
Shirt: Muse Concert 2010. Permission to be jealous granted.  It was fantastic, thanks for asking.

Because I got locked out
And I don't know the majority of my roommates
The one that I do know is engaged, and you know how THAT goes.
And I have no room for my groceries or storage needs
And I can't decide what groceries I need, because I'm trying to be healthier and that involves cooking.
And I realized that I actually have to start school.
And I still have no job.
And I don't want to sound like one of "those" girls who studied abroad and can't be happy where she is, but let's be honest....
Everything pales in comparison to the last seven weeks of my life in France.
Also after writing this, it looks like I need to update my blog layout...France being over and all.

Just one of those moods, I guess.

But I'm optimistic!

Got to see old friends and spend plenty of time in Salt Lake, my absolute favorite big city
Was reunited with a great friend, who, after two whole years of distance, I'll finally get to spend a consistent amount of time with (is that a sentence that makes sense? Grammar today=no.)
Said friend taught me slacklining and then made me the most amazing Vegan Tomato Basil Soup off his mother's website (go check it out!)
And we made plans to go see the Dark Knight Rises in July
And join the climbing gym
And take Intro to Outdoor Rec together
And do other things on a long list of must-do accomplishments
And I'll go to concerts
And see old friends
And make new ones
And maybe get called back for any of those jobs I applied for.
And read books
And see plays (Les Misérables at the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City? YES.)
And catch up on Mad Men
And watch Suits (AMAZING show.)
And spend this week with my sister.

So bring it on, summer, is all I'm saying.

All my love, B.

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Janette said...

7 weeks in France!??? AMAZING!! Everything SHOULD pale in comparison! That's incredible!

Janette, the Jongleur