Sunday, February 26, 2012

While I'm off chasing my own dreams, Sailing around the world, Please know that I'm yours to keep.

A somewhat uneventful week, but with a few really happy moments.

Unfortunately, my camera has been somewhat laid to rest for the past little while so I really don't have any of my own photos to share.  Which, looking back, is a little disappointing actually.   You know how I love capturing memories.  I'm a little bit of an asian tourist in that way. No offense intended.  But honestly.

Anyway, a few things that I've enjoy include:

-Long, LONG Sunday naps-
-New swimsuits-
-And a fun event to wear said swimsuit suit to-
-Reaching the point where it is EXACTLY two months until I relocate to my beloved and far off Paris-
-Realizing that when trying out the whole fratgirl look, with striped polo button-down, Van Heusen cable knit sweater, Northface windwall, light brown mesh side Sperry topsiders, and a white ribbon in my hair and all.........I look absolutely ridiculous-
-Macarons. Holy macarons.  Here is a pinterested photo that I found, just to add at least a small bit of visual interest to this post-

-gosh these are oh so pretty. and expeeeeeensive-

-City and Colour-
-King's Hawaiian rolls.  I am certain they are laced with crack.  Bread should be good, but never quite this addicting-
-Blackberries on sale-
-3 bowls of black raspberry dark chocolate chunk ice cream in one night.  Stop judging-
-Turkey Bacon avocado sandwiches and raspberry rolls from Kneaders.  It's been a berry-ful week-
-Getting letters from missionaries, even if it's from a missionary I thought I would never speak to again, but secretly hoped I might-
-Sending letters to missionaries-
-Waiting for best friend to come visit-
-New Girl-
-Finding $30 khakis and salmon pants at H&M that fit like a glove-
-Getting over 30 bucks at Plato's Closet-
-Turning around and buying an entirely new wardrobe with all that new money, including the most darling $3 bow necklace-
-Finding a photo on pinterest that depicts an outfit using the VERY j. crew sweater that I already own, and subsequently recreating entire outfit for a Sunday outfit-
-Receiving numerous compliments on said outfit at church-
-Red lip stain-
-Natalie Portman looking STUNNING while presenting the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.  Whoops, here's another picture-
-courtesy of google images-

-Reading the Book of Mormon in French-
-The amusing moment when best friend makes a prophetic prediction that I would get engaged in the next year.  Tough luck babe.  You first-
-Living room forts-
-Planning my 20th birthday Sedona road trip celebration-

............anything else? That sounds about good. 
Ready for a new week! Here we go!

All my love, B

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what now.

This is one of those posts where I'm going to be vague and nondescript about what kind of crappy mood I'm in and not really provide any meaningful detail. So turn back now.

But. Listen to this first.

I need a sign.

And to figure this crap out.

And to make peace with the fact that it's not going to end up being you.  
Or you, or you, or you, or you.
Or the few of you who don't even realize that you're one of my "you's."
No matter how badly I wish that was.

And to stop making these stupid, avoidable mistakes.

And to stop pinning nine thousand things a day, for crying out loud.


Someone take me snowboarding please? Wonderful.  Thank you.

Love you guys, B.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

belief. faith. hope. love.

Right now, I have no words to describe the joy I have felt over the past few days. So I'll add them later.

Pause the playlist. Listen to this.


 These people are my HEROES.
Heart full, life changed, all is well.
If you want to know my story, go here.

 Every single tiny bit of my love, B.