Saturday, October 20, 2012

And then we went glamping.

Here's just a little equation to help you out:
Glamping = glam girls + camping + total preparedness = just what our weekend needed.

 Not entirely sure why either of these turned out grainy :( oh well...

 beautiful crisp morning
 so....maybe I couldn't help myself and I brought a banner to decorate our campsite
 lookout point
 If you know the joke behind the awkward balloon, maybe you'll appreciate this photo. 
If not......just don't ask haha. But while we're looking at this:
plaid: PacSun
grey: WalMart
jeggings: cotton on
men's camp socks: UO
duck boots: Academy
blue jacket: Patagonia
black jacket: NorthFace
scarf: cotton on
hat: F21
gloves: BYU bookstore. Yup.
Annnddddd the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

So how did YOU spend your friday night/saturday morning?

All my love, B.


Kerri Andersen said...

oh my goodness i think it is so hilarious that you brought a banner! hahahah SO GREAT! :)

Whitney H said...

that banner is ADORABLE. I wanna go glamping!! I've never even been regular camping!

SarahJane Miller said...

You are so cute. I love that you brought a banner! Looks like a beautiful place to camp and I am loving your camping attire!

Brittany Campbell said...

That looks so fun! What a beautiful view and I am obsessed with you putting up that banner. Adorable!

Erin said...

Wow where is that? And I love the banner you brought to the campsite, haha :D It looks like something I'd do.

I'm a new follower of yours - follow back? :)

- Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

Stefani said...

Ummm...a banner for camping? BRILLIANT. :-)

New follower! I love finding Mormon bloggers...haha.

Stef @ Miss Jo and Co.

Sara said...

Haha I LOVE this! Seriously, glamping is totes the new camping. And it's SO okay to bring your own pennant string with you. ;)