Thursday, April 26, 2012


Bonjour! Reporting live from the end of my second day in Paris, France!

I'm sitting in my bedroom at the home of my host family after a lovely dinner (with a killer view from my window-pictures to come later) but here are a few I managed to edit today, so here ya go!

Ride on the metro with roommate Kelli and new friend Rachel!

The BYU appartement in downtown Paris

Double queen-size bunk bed! Who knew?

Beauty just outside the metro exit

Breathtaking building, but I never got the name-if you know it, don't be shy

Just some art


More art

The LDS institute downtown-this is where we're having class and church!

Pretty building/planters just outside the LDS Institute

Bikes and art.

Ok honestly I've seen this thing in magazines for years-but the name escapes me.  Once again, please let me know!

AMAZING classical music performance in the metro station!

So anyway....this trip is all about improving in the language, and so far I've asked for directions, ordered food, and just conversed with native speakers, and I have to say...after just one lengthy sitdown meal with my host family, I can already feel myself getting in the zone improving!

I know there's still a language barrier, because I am by no means perfect and I wouldn't even necessarily classify myself as skilled, but the fact that somehow I am getting actually decent at crossing that language barrier and effectively communicating with people who speak and live a language completely different from our own....I don't know.  There are no words.  It just makes the world seem so much smaller, don't you think?

School starts tomorrow (psh) wish me luck! (Mostly just wish me luck waking up on time and finding my way there!)

All my love, B.


My Name is Jacy said...

I type this with a little! ENJOY every moment girl! This looks FAB! :)

[re]becca said...

The colorful building with the pipes is the Pompadeaux Center, a modern art museum. It's awesome. Make sure you go there.

SydneyHughes92 said...

Mais c'est le Pompidou :) GAH I'm so loving this. And sitting here just wanting to be there. Send my love to Kelli and Char! :)