Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am Picasso

........well, not really.  I've just fallen in looooooove with Picasa.  I'm probably the last person I know to jump on the Picasa bandwagon, but here I am.  

This is what I did instead of writing my essay.  Which I still need to do.  

My blogging self hasn't yet been able to overcome the potential awkwardness of asking people to take pictures of me whenever I think I look cute to put on the blog, so I have instead taken to capturing some of these good days on my Webcam. 

Terrible quality, but a good way to remember cute days and good memories!

I LOVE the Collage function of Picasa-so not to appear totally narcissistic or anything, but here is a bunch of my face.

Explanations (Left to Right, Top to Bottom:)
Glasses Day
Just got back in town-Reppin the Decemberists!
Chambray (Kohl's), center part, coral pants (Old Navy), and crochet vest (Macys)
More randomness
Straight hair, red lips (Covergirl stain) and tie neck shirt (Francescas)
Natural hair, statement necklace and tank (both F21)
Hairbow and stripes (Target)
Being super nervous before my study abroad interview- Parisian blue stripes (Nautica)
Amano Chocolate-beststuffeverrr.
Glasses and thrifted F21 striped cardi
Blonde hair and squinty eyes
Sock bun and headband-F21
Tired and sun-nuff said
New present for me and the blog :)
Owning school face
Super blonde hair and so much love for roommate
Cheesy stereotypical shyface

Now I am literally out of excuses to get out of writing this paper. Goodnight peeps!

All my love, B.

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Jacy said...

Now I see why you were up so late, haha! Darling pictures :)

I'm following you now! yay!