Friday, April 13, 2012

It's a pinteresting weekend: episode 1.

So I've seen lots of blogs that are doing the "Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesdays" feature.  I love it! However, I think I'll do it on the weekends instead-my Wednesdays are far too nightmarish and busy for such things.

So here are my lovely finds of late!

Avacado lime Salmon- Looks so delicious!
Board: Yum.

I am a guilty lover of the awkward-length pant.

Earthy and beautiful colors!

Excellent fit pants, love the tie and cardi!

Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake!
Board: Yum.

Best friends!

Beautiful! Perfect for one of those "functions" I talked about in my man post

Representation of my love for all things travel!

Here's my Paris contribution for today! Hazelnut chocolate MACARONS

Need more mint in my wardrobe!

Love blue and white stripes-even on bags!

Raspberry sweet rolls!
Board: Yum.

LOVE Ray-bans of all kinds! But THESE.

The shorts, the belt, the stripes, the everything.

70's style slip-ons making a comeback!
Board: Shoes!

Strawberry Honey Butter!-looks fluffy and delicious!
Board: Yum.

Tribal print wedges-looks so fun!
Board: Shoes!

What a great way to spread the word!

So click on the links for these boards, or my Pinterest button on the left-hand side!

And link up with this cute blog to find more awesome Pinterest finds!

All my love, B.


MessyDirtyHair said...

great pins! i actually have some of those pinned on my boards haha! adorable blog, new follower!

happy saturday!

Xo Kelly


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am so hungry after this post! annnnd umm I have to go pin the LDS pin now! haha

Andrea D said...

I love those patterned wedges! How cool! Sad that the pin doesn't tell me where I can buy them, though :(