Thursday, September 27, 2012


A brief introduction to the music that is going to keep me company during my long hours of homework and research this afternoon.

Discovered this gem thanks to this cute blog

Already planning on making a hipster-esque video montage to this song as I'm driving down the Provo canyon roads in various weather conditions.

To be played at my wedding, no doubt.

Shared previously on this blog, but I just will never get over that instrumental. Brings tears to my eyes almost every time. Or goosebumps at the very least.

So forgive me for jumping on this bandwagon, but I really can't wait to go see this concert on Saturday

Love love love.

I can't handle his twangy voice on every song, but oh my lands this one is breathtaking


All my love, B.


Amanda Schroeder said...

Umm..>>THANK YOU for sharing GOOD music. lol! I love every one of these songs.! I'm so glad to share that song. It blows me away each and every time I listen to it. I saw Imagine Dragons in concert last year at USU. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can't get enough of them.

Sara said...

You and I are the ultimate music twins. Seriously! And here I was thinking I was the only one who could stand listening to Tallest Man on Earth. ;) I'm in love with all of these songs!

LAUREN said...

i loooove mumford & sons and bon iver!! thank you for these other songs - i'll be busy downloading songs tomorrow!


Brittany Campbell said...

Thank you for these!! Living in Paris I feel SO disconnected from the music/movies/celeb scene back home! I can't wait to listen! Thanks for swapping buttons with me! I'm going to add yours now! We should swap Paris stories sometime!! :)