Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a pinteresting weekend: Paris, France edition (you knew this was coming) (one day late)

Sorry I've been a little under the radar lately!  Spending one precious weekend with your family and doing thousands of last minute preparations for leaving the country (so many more small things to do than I ever anticipated) tends to do that to ya.

But let's get this started, shall we?  A few of my pinterest favorites from my new home (starting, yes, TOMORROW!)

Shop window of the famous French bakery, Ladurée (surely to become a fast favorite)

That famous carousel right near the Tour d'Eiffel

Château de Chabin (not sure where this is but I intend to find it!)

Old Paris-themed J. Crew add.  What more could you possibly want in a fashion ad than J. Crew and Paris??

Me + You = We

Such a pretty view!

All from my board Paris, je t'aime 
(Link to come later due to lame internet, but please click my pinterest button to the left for now to find it!)

So, one of my assignments is to create a portfolio for my travels, and one of our options is a blog! How perfect is that? I get to do what I love and get school credit for it! Lucky me!

So don't fret, you'll be hearing from me just as much from Europe :)

And I PROMISE I'll be back with my end-of-year and conference thoughts VERY SOON!
All my love, B.


Andrea D said...

Paris?! Lucky lady! I'm still dreaming of the day when I get to travel to Europe...but it'll come true soon, I hope :)
Glad to have found your blog!

Jacy said...

WOW! This is awesome Birdie! I'm so happy I get to follow along ;)


Giovanna said...

Cute photos! So jealous of your Paris trip! Have an amazing time! Can't wait to see your posts!