Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sorry, lovelies, for the Uncharacteristic hiatus from posting! Finals and my non-checkout (going through the motions of a checkout even though I'm still paying rent and leaving my stuff at the apt while I'm gone) and the necessity of baking and frosting twelve cakes. (Yes, TWELVE-but more on that later) sort of caught me off guard and my blog took a little vacation. But! I'm currently sitting in the passenger seat of my beloved cherry red Kia Sportage (that's Dexter to you), while my cute grandpa finishes his last driving shift of our 20 hour road trip from Spanish Fork to Dallas. Just wanted to let you knowI'm alive and well, a recipient of a thoroughly unexpected A- in French 201, almost home, and yes, still SO STOKED about the idea that I'll be leaving for Paris in 5 DAYS!! The nervous anticipation is KILLING ME! But anyway, the posting options are pretty limited from my iPhone, so I can't change any fonts or colors or add pictures and I'm sure this post is riddled with unintentional typing errors that take too much energy to fix on this phone, so sorry if the qualities of this post are a little sub-par. Please go look at my instagram (button to the left) account though to see a few goofy pics I managed to upload from the trip! Tomorrow I'll (try to) finally catch you all up on my thoughts of April 2012 LDS General Conference (a little late), another pinteresting weekend, and my bittersweet thoughts about the end of my sophomore year in college (don't worry, there are PLENTY).

To all my BYU loves, have a GREAT FIRST NIGHT OF TOTAL FREEDOM! And to everyone else,

All my love, B.

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