Monday, April 2, 2012

dweeby is as dweeby does

I think I'm just a little bit too excited about this.

Obviously I love blogging, but anytime I do a redesign it's kind of like a shot in the dark, with hours and hours on forums and message boards telling me how to do just the most basic things involving HTML.

So look what just came in the mail!

Dearest blog, get ready to have me redesign the crap out of you.

Thoughts (many, many thoughts) on April 2012 General Conference coming soon!

All my love, B.


Jacy said...

CUTE BLOG! And I must buy this book :) lol

Glad I stumbled across you!


SydneyHughes92 said...

You need to teach me! I'm so lost...haha. How do I make a button?