Thursday, April 28, 2011


Followers, Friends, Lovers,

I have now been home for....5 days and packed so much unbelievably great things into those 120 hours.

First and foremost, and MOST IMPORTANT. I may have shed a tear or two from the epic quality of this trailer:

  • got a job (hired on the spot!)
  • interviewing for a 2nd job tomorrow
  • and on that note, workin workin workin
  • baking with Karrin
  • got lost alot, because Texas somehow became a foreign country and the roads all mixed up.
  • worked out every single day
  • lovely lovely lovely breakfast with Michael Anderson and 2 free meals at Panera (I knew they missed me)
  • great bike ride (4 miles) with Corinney and Stephania. and another 4 on my own.
  • spiral diner with the long lost Jessicash.
  • finally, finally got unpacked.
  • found out....I GOT STRAIGHT A'S. nobigdealoranything.
  • lovely surprise upon my return from the incredibly amazing wonderful beautiful Stephanie Peterson, her brother Jonathan, David Todd, Zachary Steele and Jessica Doucette.
  • a repeat of that night with the aforementioned plus Sydney Edwards, Michael Anderson, and Creytn Crosby!
Much love for this home life.  If you are confused by the coherence of that list in any possible way, let me share with you that it is in no chronological order Try and piece it together maybe? I dare you.

I miss my college loves, but I know you are all doing big, bold things wherever you are.

Here's to another great, busy 5 days and lessened time between this post and the next.
    .too much.
    All my love, B.

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