Monday, April 11, 2011


So I return to Texas in 12 days. Here comes the cliche goals for the summer post.

1.Road trip to San Antonio and do baptisms in the beautiful temple that is there.

 2. Try walking on pointe. No ballet lessons or anything, I already know I can't dance. Just to walk as tall as I can

 3. Buy me some Rosetta Stone.  I can't go 4 months and not lose what I've already learned.

 4. Write so much music.

 5. LEARN THE UKULELE!! I swear I spent so much time practicing today, and I actually got some good sounds going! I need major tips on strumming, but as far as chords go, I'm getting somewhere!

 6. Finish my t-shirt quilt!

 7. Bike everywhere I need to go on my own within a 5 mile radius of my house.

 8. Paint. Everything.

 9. Build at least 7 jigsaw puzzles. Maybe even go 3-D this time.

 10. Learn photography and editing!

 11. Find a sunflower patch and take so many pictures

12. Write poetry and stories. 

13. Play soccer with Joseph

 14. Bake things with Karrin.

 15. Read books with Shelby.

I'm glad....I can truly envision myself doing big things in this world.  I'm still so young, which gives me time to dream. I have made good choices in my life that have brought me where I am today and I hope and pray everyday that it can only get better from here.

I wish...I was writing that dang 10 pager I need by Wednesday. Eh.

*L'inspiration pour aujourd'hui*

All my love, B.

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Austianna said...

So i officially/unofficially tend to follow your blog, and i wanted to say that i like the pictures. they're purty =]
also, i need to come get that dang hot-pot thingy . . . you know what that means! and this time i SWEAR it wont be shrimp flavored *gag*.

love austi