Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm going to do what everyone else at BYU is doing, done, or going to do over the next few days. Instead of writing my exceedingly important essay for Book of Mormon, I'm choosing in stead to blog about the

.Holi Festival of Colors.

This shindig was seriously like a pilgrimage to Mecca or something, or that's at least what it appeared to be. Thousands upon thousands of people FLOCKING to the Hari Krishna temple of Spanish Fork, Utah and creating a mushroom cloud of color that can be seen from miles away.  It was incredible.

So...I did a really smart thing by putting my camera in a plastic bag, so that it wouldn't, you know, get destroyed. However, this consequences of this manifested themselves in the fact that alot of these came out cloudy. That, and I didn't notice my camera was on storm setting until about halfway through. Lame. But you get the picture.  It was a giant, loud, crazy, dirty hippie love-fest.

And thanks to some of Holly's excellent editing skills, a few of these pictures did end up turning out incredible!

We ran into a few fellow DJ girls!

This was even before we made it there.  Everyone on their way back had leftover chalk and would just throw it in our faces.  I was only literally blinded about 4 times, no big deal.

Aaaaaand I look like an avatar...

So now it's a day later, and here is the aftermath. 6 shampooings later, I still have pink hair.
So...this is not a good thing. I have a concert on Friday, and this stuff is literally not. coming. out. So guess who probably gets to blow 50 bucks this friday to get it all removed?


so. worth. it.

I really loved the focus this festival had on celebrating our individuality as children of God. The festival was hosted by members of a different faith, but by one that, like my own, strives to invite others in and love them. We are all wonderful, and should be reminded of this more often.

Ok. Must go write my essay now, but again it has been a pleasure.

Parting gift.
every last bit of my love, B.

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