Thursday, March 10, 2011


Why hello there! These are the various reasons I am glad today is happening!

1. I PASSED BIOLOGY TEST. Sure, I only got a 72, and that doesn't sound really great or anything, BUT out of 100 questions on a freaking like 35 page test that took me 2 hours and 45 minutes, I got 72 of them right! AAANNNNDDDD with the curve it's going to end up as a high B! Ok so that's awesome :) and on a similar note...I made a really good (well kind of good, but it was a point above average, so I'm saying its good) grade on my Psych essay test!

2. Slept through most of my classes today. Sure, my quiz average in french is going to go significantly down, because I keep missing them, but I got to sleep. Now I'm going to ask everyone to make sure I never do this again. Because seriously, I can't.

3. Maybe going to see MUMFORDANDSONS/TALLESTMANONEARTH...MAYBE. in vegas, april 15 :)

4. I quit one of my jobs. Finally I can (hopefully) get past this insomnia.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the last couple of months I have had clinical insomnia, with medication and everything.  I'm still not doing very well in that department of my life, and let me tell's been making everything very difficult. Sometimes I start crying just thinking about how trapped awake I've been. It is literally one of the most frightening things I've ever been through.  Stay awake for 3 days straight someday and then you'll understand, I guarantee it.  I'm hoping that by quitting this job, I can be that closer to the other end of this trial. It will help me to manage my time better, hopefully get better grades, and lift my spirits for the last month that I"m here.

(^^^LET IT BE KNOWN. I do not know this man. But his face is literally the exact same as how I've been feeling...not fun.)

5. Currently planning a road trip to San Antonio (my favorite place on earth) with my loved ones, Stephanie and Sydney! Crossing my fingers that we'll actually get to go! We can see the temple, the riverwalk, my old home, and just drive listen to music and love each other and life!!!!

6. Finally saw How To Train Your Dragon.  Ummm.......SOCUTE.

7. Completely random and certainly not that exciting...yesterday I actually had 3 complete balanced meals! (ps. This never happens.  EVER.) All I do is snack on stuff because that's really all I have time for.  But I felt really great about it yesterday!!

8. Mary Kay business...I haven't done much with it the past few weeks because I've been focusing on school and finishing up my other job, but it's teaching me alot, and I hope I can learn alot about budgeting so I can get to PARIS!! PARISPARISPARIS.

9. Ok, can we just talk about this WEATHER today??!??!?! Absolutely beautiful. We broke 60 degrees today I'm sure, and I didn't even wear any jacket at all! LOOVED it.  I just wish I got to spend more time in it! I was either sleeping or in class or at work...meh.  But still! Just walking in it was heavenly, and really put everyone in a good mood.

10. The countdown continues! My beautiful amazing wonderful good looking family is coming day after tomorrow! YAaAaaaaAy!!! I get to see them all, go out to dinners and movies, get the heck away from campus for a bit, Hope so! I need some Urban back in my life :)

The following is a collection of pictures of them...they are awesome :)

Ok so you already got my "I'm glad" segment of the day....10 of them, in fact.  So here's my "I wish".

I wish my stupid knee would heal already.  Like it goes back and forth between being ok (but always kind of weak) and then just being the most intense pain I've ever felt.  I have severe tendonitis and major inflammation under my right kneecap, and it's really difficult to walk on stairs, or walk in general sometimes. Before you ask, NO. I did not ever injure it. Please, I don't play sports or snowboard or anything else that could have traumatized it.  Except work, standing up for 6 hours straight. But I know that 9729309809823040982384 bajillion other people in the world do the exact same thing, so I don't really know what's happening.  Been to the doctors and the physical therapist (I could definitely be doing my exercises more often), got the X-rays and MRI's, but apparently it doesn't look severe enough to do anything drastic to fix it, but just keep going... but life is life. All I can say is...THANK GOODNESS for tendonitis bands and Kinesiotape. Literally you save me every day. So I guess I'm glad for you too. :)


There's no real message. But this is a picture that certainly keeps me going ;) You are SO welcome!

Anyway, off to finally do the things that I should be doing.  Like...homework. You know...the reason I'm here in Utah and not back at home...yeah that stuff. Meh.

All my love, B.

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