Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greetings loves

I am getting skilled at this blogging thing. Regretfully, my schedule has kept me from posting as often as I would like but here I am!

I would like to direct your attention to the brand new playlist just added to this blog :) just a few of my very favorites...or 52 of them. You know how it goes. But enjoy!

Anyway....Things I have accomplished this week!! (according to this post my week begins on Saturday, March 12)

1. Saturday-Went to grandparents and my family showed up!! FINALLY.
2. Stayed the night...went and saw Beastly and got lost 82374 times on the way to the theatre.  Word of advice: DO NOT go see this movie. Alex Pettyfer is gorgeous....and Neil Patrick Harris is a genius...but that's 2 hours I'll never get back.

3. Sunday- Woke up and came to church with the whole gang (Self, Sister, Sister, Brother, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Cousin.) and basically took up an entire row.
4. Sang :) Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing! Thanks and so much love and appreciation to Rachel and Caroline, Katrina, Cole and Peter, Ben and Stephen, Josh and David for bearing with me and helping me to put the musical number together. It meant so very much to me.
****SIDE NOTE: Did you know that they're putting this song back into the LDS Hymnal? Great wonderful amazing news :) I love it!

5.Monday-Went to work and then took Shelby to classes with me. Poor thing, My classes were not overall very entertaining today.  She participated to the best of her ability during French and got some neato evolution handouts from Biology (I would like to point out that I just used the word neato.)
6. Homework...meh.
7. ROCK CLIMBING! Ok so it was thoroughly embarassing, since I havent gone in so long and my crippled dumb leg screwed me up sometimes but I actually did better than I thought! Basically...forarms...still a tad dead. But Corinne/Karrin/Shelby/Me got some pretty awesomely epic (creepy) pictures of ourselves climbing and felt quite boss-like.
8. Started slumdog (It's edited! Calm down!)

9. Tuesday-Psych Study! Yes I am going to be a bit of a lab rat for the rest of my career.  It is required for each of my psych classes that I get a certain number of credits of research participation for each class. So I've already done my 6 required credits for History of Psych so now I just do them for money! Psssttt...Yes! It's BYU's best kept secrets! Want an easy 10 bucks for an hour of your time? you qualify for a study (read the description) you can get money for your time and participation! These scientists need you to complete their studies.  They're usually either for legitimate research being conducted by licensed psychologists who are trying to discover more about the people here on campus, or by students conducting research for their graduation requirements! Either way, your participation makes a big difference!


10. Communal.  Incredible restaurant. Another well-kept Provo secret.  This food is delicious.  The menu changes seasonally in order to keep the ingredients as fresh as can be and all products used are local.  It is a great restaurant, cute cute CUTE decor, a fun concept, and....Kangan water! (To help rid your body of toxins and impurities...been rumored to cure arthiritis?) A word of advice though: If you would like to come to Communal, make sure you are ready for the check.  I'm sure my dad doesn't want me to know this, but after tip and everything, feeding 8 people broke $200. Just be aware. It was a great night though to spend with people I love!

11. The Y. This...was my favorite activity so far. Andrea (cousin) and her boyfriend Brad took us hiking.  I have done this before but last time it was in the dead heat of the summer, and so this was so much more enjoyable.  We went after the sun went down and it wasn't even that cold! It was going to just be cousin, cousin's boyfriend, sisters, and I.  But then at the last second I decided to invite my friend scott! It was so great to have another person there, and we had fun holding Brad's adorable puppy on our way down, since we could tell she was having a hard time.  But the city of Provo (let's be honest, it's not a beautiful city) looked incredible from way up there. And it was so peaceful! body felt great after! The funnest (don't tell me, I know that's not a real word), was that Andrea let me drive her car! There wasn't enough room for us all so I got the wheel :) it's been awhile since I've driven so that felt great. We also went to Smith's after and got ice cream (thanks Brad!) and...I bought...THE SOCIAL NETWORK YESSSSS.

........that's about it :)

Anyway I am so so glad my family is here. So very happy! It will be so sad to see them leave.  I think our plans for the rest of the week are for me to show them....

1. Campus/Bookstore (for Shelby)
2. Cocoa Bean cafe
2. Salt Lake and Gateway ($$$) :)

So that will be fun.  I just calculated it and...38 DAYS UNTIL TEXAS!!!

I have so many goals for this summer....But they are too far and in between and lengthy to discuss on this post.  I have taken enough of your time already.  Or perhaps not.  I doubt you actually made it this far, but if you did, many thanks!

In pating: I know this all too well. Take this advice and live it. You are worth so much more than you think :)

All my love, B

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