Sunday, July 1, 2012

late Sunday message.

This was yet another roller coaster of a Sunday.

Was up WAY too late,
got up WAY too early
received news I did not expect to receive when I started my day
but unfortunately a piece of news I cannot reveal to the world at this time.
(sorry to tease, but don't worry, it's wonderful!)

But I am so happy and once again this Sunday has left me with my heart full of so many more things than I thought could possibly fill it.

So the following isn't a "churchy" song by any means, but it's beautiful nonetheless.
(On Sundays, I'm kind of a classical junkie.)

Listen if you want to unwind and relax :)

Get ready to have an incredible week!

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dreaming en francais said...

Such a positive and uplifting post! Loving the blog, I'm your newest follower! xo