Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 236th, America!

So yesterday was a very different 4th of July than I imagined.
I've never been away from my family on Independence day before!

But I had a great time.

For some reason I've been an absolute failure about pictures so far this summer.

Which is entirely uncharacteristic of me.  But I managed to snap one that I can share.

1.  MY LOVELY TWIN BEST FRIENDS got to spend the night! Ahhhh oh how I've missed them.  We woke up and made THIS BEAUTY while we watched the Provo parade on TV.

A really incredible healthy alternative to a fruity pancake that you bake in the oven!
"Honey Cloud pancakes"-recipe credit here

Other than that,
I did some research for my job and some homework (how lame am I? honestly.)
Went to Seven Peaks for a few hours (yayyyyyyy for Pass of all Passes!)
Had some amazing completely vegan and healthy mushroom soup (not your average July 4th dinner but.....I'm not normal.  And I absolutely love vegan stuff. Especially everything off this website! Go visit and tell her I sent ya :))
Sent off fireworks (which I was thoroughly surprised was permitted in Provo!)
Wound down with a movie night with friends.

Good day!

Going on my first ever camping/outdoor climbing trip tomorrow and super excited to break these brand new babies in :)

(mine are bottom left) 

Anyway, I'm so grateful to live in this country! Visiting another country just before our Independence Day really manages to put things into perspective, and I know how absolutely blessed I am to have been fortunate enough to live with a family who loves me in such an incredible, beautiful country.

(Although to be honest, French Bastille day is on the 14th and I am fully intending to have my own miniature personal celebration)

Have a great Thursday! More to come this weekend!

All my love, B.

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brittney said...

sounds like a great 4th of july!

if you like vegan food, this blog has super simple recipes that you may want to try :)