Saturday, July 7, 2012

So I guess I'm a dirtbag now?

Behold, friends.  The reason summer even exists in Utah.

Some friends and I packed up the truck with all our gear and spent the night under the stars in the gorgeous Maple Canyon about an hour away from Provo. 

And I finally brought my camera! Although this is a mixture of pretty cool camera shots and crappy iPhone quality pictures.
Get ready for lots of cute butt shot photos

(warning: This is my first time using the side-by-side HTML code, so bear with the alignment until I figure it all out.  And there's still some weird white outlining.  All in due time, my friends. Just enjoy the photos)

Day 1:
Just arriving

We call ourselves "The Ascenders!"

Hiking to one of our starting points

My moment to shine-a top rope and then my first lead almost 25 meters up!

Austin's taking a breather/all of our climbing gear

Look how high up he is!

Ben attempting some freaking crazy moves

Day 2:
Camp setup in the morning

Bryan is owning his super high lead!

Taking a break-this is actually a lot more comfortable than it looks!

Bryan (Nickname "Chalk") is having fun with his chalk!

We made friends with this dog "Tron".  He was absolutely beautiful!

May or may not have snapped a few creeper photos of Tron's owner doing an amazing climb.

Austin is determined to get this 11d!

Ben is doing more crazy stuff!

This is what we like to call the "power spot" and the "super power spot."

Mission accomplished for the Ascenders this weekend!

So now, after a nice long shower and an even nicer, longer nap, I'm settling in to work on my lesson for tomorrow and get to all the homework I decided was unnecessary this weekend.  

How is your weekend going?

All my love, B.


SydneyHughes92 said...

Hey B. I'm so jealous of your life. That looks like more fun than anything else ever! Sheesh. You lucky girl :) BUT!! Listen to my story. It's so great. Yesterday at the bakery I work at, the pastry chefs were short-staffed so I got to work in the kitchens! Seriously, best day ever. I got to match macaron halves (to make sure they were the same sizes) AND I cracked and separated over 500 eggs AND I got to mix the flavorings into and heat up buttercream. SO MUCH FUN.

Sara said...

This is TOO awesome! Seriously? All I get to do during the summer is summer school and interning. But you get to camp and rock climb! So jealous but the pictures look so amazing!