Friday, May 11, 2012

So much gratitude I can hardly talk about it.

Heavenly Father is real. Without a single question or doubt.  And this is why I'm absolutely positive that this is true:

1.  I lost my camera.  In the pickpocketing capital of the world.  A block away from the museum I just exited, I was going to take a picture of this other building when I realized my Canon G10 was GONE.  Cue hyperventilation, throwing my bag at my friends to hold, sprinting  the fastest I ever have in sandals, (and thereby pissing off a bunch of leisurely walking French natives), sobbing, and praying with everything I had.  It wasn't out in the courtyard where I KNEW i was looking at it ten minutes before, and then I knew it was hopeless. I half-heartedly walked to the bag check desk and feebly said in broken Franglais, "J'ai perdu mon appareil-photo, est-ce quelqu'un l'a retourné?" (I lost my camera, did someone return it?) And the man's face lit up and he said, "Quel type?" (What kind?) and then I had it back.

Someone in Paris found a camera that could easily run for $1,000 and they returned it.

I don't ever have that kind of luck.  And I know that it had nothing to do with me.

2.  Days like this just don't exist unless Heavenly Father had something to do with it.

Fontainebleau Palace and Forest.

(aka the closest my life has ever felt to a Nicolas Sparks novel)

All my love, B.

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