Thursday, May 24, 2012


School ends tomorrow and then we have a long long long long loooooooooooooong bus tour all next week.  While I'll be off seeing the countryside during the day, I am starting an "ASK ME ANYTHING." 
that I can work on during the ride.
Get those questions ready! I'm not at the point where I have 872398479234 followers like some of you other talented bloggers, so I may not get too many at this point.  So ask me one, two, heck, ask me 35! 

Yesterday I spent an entire day shopping with friends.

Shirt: UO Skirt: Down East Shoes: Read below

Our one rule was that we weren't allowed into any stores that we could find in the states. I spent a good 200 euro, which I'm sure is roughly 250 dollars.  I'm too afraid to check my bank statement yet. But I ended up with some amazing quality leather investment sandals, a summer dress, and a dress for my roommate's wedding!

Flowered Dress: Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville
Pink dress (for the wedding): Yi Ness
Shoes: Minelli

And today while roommates were at their all day tennis tournament, I spent some quality me-time at the beautiful park at the Island of the Impressionists in Croissy, a gorgeous suburb of Paris.  I drank peach apricot juice (have you ever had a peach ring in a cup? I have.), I ate the most enormous orange of my life, I ate a box of fresh raspberries, and I cracked open my novel and spent an entire day sunbathing in the park in my new dress and sandals (the flowered one)

I wish I got more pictures, but here's what I managed to snap from my iPhone. I'm sure you'll get pictures of me actually wearing the stuff before too long.

Gorgeous little hidden staircases between houses that lead down to the Seine

My walk to the fruit stand, shaded by green sidewalk trees.
Although I'm kind of ready to leave Paris and see what the countryside (and the city of Brittany!) has to offer, days like today just make me love life and where I am.  And I'm so happy that the sun decided to finally show up right before we left!

All my love, B.

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thecoffeehouse said...

an entire day of shopping ... I would have probably fainted. BUT, those clothes look amazing. It might have been worth it. ;)