Thursday, August 2, 2012

Smoother sailing ahead

"The spirit must be freed from tethers so strong and feelings never put to rest, so that the lift of life may give buoyancy to the soul." -Thomas S. Monson 

Oh, how I needed to read this quote today.

I firmly believe that unless you are a really, really terrible, just bad kind of person,  nobody actually goes totally out of their way to hurt others.
Usually people are just caught up in their own lives, having to accomplish all of the millions of things that are expected of us every day, and they end up putting themselves before others.
I know I do it.
I forget about that lunch date because I HAVE TO turn in this assignment.
I promise too many people too many different things and can't follow through.
Life gets busy so I forget to call and wish you a happy birthday, even though I promise, from the bottom of my heart that I'm thinking about you.
But sometimes it hurts.
But because I believe that these little "forgetfulnesses" or neglects are truly not intended to be vicious or meant to destroy one another's happiness,
I forgive people every day, every minute.
I let people walk on me and keep on living.
That's just a part of life.

But sometimes we let our "getting walked on" allowance go too far, and something happens that's too hard, too hurtful to let roll off your shoulders and go without mentioning or making some kind of change.

A wise friend once told me that she overheard a woman talking at work who said,
"When someone has wronged you, even if it's really bad, you're allowed to hate them for one day. Just one. And then you figure out what to do about it. And then you move on."

Was my day to be really, really steaming, red-in-the-face, angry tears mad.

Was my day to wonder why.

Was the day I decided what to do.

Was when I followed through to the absolute best of my ability.

I continue living life. And I forgive completely, but know that life will be a little different from now on.

But that's just the way life works.

All my love, B.

p.s. apologies for being a little here-and-there lately.  Router at home=died.
Back and better than ever, with a new layout, very very soon.

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Chantel said...

Wow, this could not have come at a better time for me. I needed to hear this. Today is my day to be hurt and frustrated I suppose, and tomorrow I will decide what to do. Thank you Birdie. I am loving our blog connection.