Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More mountains! And family! (photo dump)

Well, the day has come.
After a wonderful week in the Colorado mountains, hiking, shopping in crafty villages, never taking of my Chacos (don't hate) and buying a new Patagonia shell...
...my family has dropped me off and I am not seeing them again until Christmas.
I always get a lump in my throat when this happens.
But I cannot wait until my roommate's wedding this Saturday and an amazing weekend in Colorado Springs with my twinners and the bride-to-be!

Here's some photos of my amazing few days with the famjam!

Brother bear lost his first front tooth this week!

I can never pass up an opportunity to hug a (really nasty) Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory bear!

Thanks for everything, sweet family! I'll see you again before too long!

All my love, B.


Whitney H said...

Yay for Texas flags! I love the red hair on you. I seriously need those red TOMs!

Chantel said...

Looks like a way fun trip! You have an adorable family!

Andrea D said...

I love photo dumps! AND I love that sweet teepee.

P.S. Thanks for the good luck on my 30 day Vegan trial :)

Gentri said...

wait wait wait. WHERE is that first hike?! Amazing!

birdie said...

Seven Falls in Colorado Springs :)