Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fridays of fantastic fun

The following happened last night:

First sub-zero experience
(black raspberry, toasted coconut, and dolce de leche with heath bar topping)

Making of the best mango salsa you've ever had.
Also the only thing I've ever made that has caused me to receive kidding-but-not marriage proposals.

Said goodbye to my best friend of 5 years, Stephanie Elise, who came to visit.

(picture to come soon, they're all on her camera)

Party at the HFAC (artsy fartsy party at the Fine arts center on BYU)
-a whole bunch of art students partying on campus after midnight...........oh snayup-

Which included:
A half an hour wait in line for a fruit/cheese plate.  Worth it.
Karaoke in a legit recording studio (Song of choice: Lean on me) with THIS beautiful girl.
Apologies for the crappy dark room iPhone camera quality.

And subsequent compliments by adorable men who said, and I quote,
"Nice job ladies.  That was actually really impressive"
Smiles all around!!
Best 30 minute silent movie I've ever seen with live organ accompaniment
Prizes (not that I won, of course)
And blasting of AWOLNATION on the way home.

Which caused the following experience:
Car of attractive boys follow us to the parking lot (creepy at first)
We get out of Dexter (my car)
Walk over to ask what they want, and they say,
"Wow, you're ALL attractive."
And an hour hang out.
Not entirely sure we're headed to becoming good friends or anything, 
but it was such a fun college-y experience, it had to be mentioned.

More chat time and start of sleepover with Kristen (other girl in above photo)
Turning on of Chick Flick to fall asleep to.
Not falling asleep until after 4:30
And getting up at 9.

Successful night.

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