Sunday, February 26, 2012

While I'm off chasing my own dreams, Sailing around the world, Please know that I'm yours to keep.

A somewhat uneventful week, but with a few really happy moments.

Unfortunately, my camera has been somewhat laid to rest for the past little while so I really don't have any of my own photos to share.  Which, looking back, is a little disappointing actually.   You know how I love capturing memories.  I'm a little bit of an asian tourist in that way. No offense intended.  But honestly.

Anyway, a few things that I've enjoy include:

-Long, LONG Sunday naps-
-New swimsuits-
-And a fun event to wear said swimsuit suit to-
-Reaching the point where it is EXACTLY two months until I relocate to my beloved and far off Paris-
-Realizing that when trying out the whole fratgirl look, with striped polo button-down, Van Heusen cable knit sweater, Northface windwall, light brown mesh side Sperry topsiders, and a white ribbon in my hair and all.........I look absolutely ridiculous-
-Macarons. Holy macarons.  Here is a pinterested photo that I found, just to add at least a small bit of visual interest to this post-

-gosh these are oh so pretty. and expeeeeeensive-

-City and Colour-
-King's Hawaiian rolls.  I am certain they are laced with crack.  Bread should be good, but never quite this addicting-
-Blackberries on sale-
-3 bowls of black raspberry dark chocolate chunk ice cream in one night.  Stop judging-
-Turkey Bacon avocado sandwiches and raspberry rolls from Kneaders.  It's been a berry-ful week-
-Getting letters from missionaries, even if it's from a missionary I thought I would never speak to again, but secretly hoped I might-
-Sending letters to missionaries-
-Waiting for best friend to come visit-
-New Girl-
-Finding $30 khakis and salmon pants at H&M that fit like a glove-
-Getting over 30 bucks at Plato's Closet-
-Turning around and buying an entirely new wardrobe with all that new money, including the most darling $3 bow necklace-
-Finding a photo on pinterest that depicts an outfit using the VERY j. crew sweater that I already own, and subsequently recreating entire outfit for a Sunday outfit-
-Receiving numerous compliments on said outfit at church-
-Red lip stain-
-Natalie Portman looking STUNNING while presenting the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.  Whoops, here's another picture-
-courtesy of google images-

-Reading the Book of Mormon in French-
-The amusing moment when best friend makes a prophetic prediction that I would get engaged in the next year.  Tough luck babe.  You first-
-Living room forts-
-Planning my 20th birthday Sedona road trip celebration-

............anything else? That sounds about good. 
Ready for a new week! Here we go!

All my love, B

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