Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lots and lots.

Of things on my mind. 

So naturally instead of reading my research articles for Psych 302 tomorrow

I choose to blog.

So....I have

Lots and lots of confusion.

Lots and lots of fear.

Lots and lots of stress.

Lots and lots of sleepless nights.

Lots and lots of things to do.

Lots and Lots of blonde hair and thinking if it should be turned auburn instead.

(**and also lots and lots of love for my beloved roommate, Laura Beth**)

Lots and lots of impatience for my new home starting exactly 3 months from today.

Please just do yourself a favor and mute the terrible music on this video and continue to listen to the playlist.

Lots and lots of emotion regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an immensely increased testimony of missionary work and the power of the Book of Mormon. An profoundly life changing decision was made by an enormously influential person in my life, and I couldn't be more ecstatic.

I believe. So strongly.

And on that note, LOTS AND LOTS of excitement to return to Dallas next month to welcome said person into the next step, the greatest adventure of his life. Yes, if you haven't already put the pieces together, one of my nearest and dearest has chosen to enter the waters of baptism. If I get permission I'll one day post more of the story. 

But for now, thank you so much. I've been walking in the clouds because of you for weeks, and I hope this spiritual high never wears off for either of us. 

My heart is so full and my testimony so much stronger.

All my love, B.

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