Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something lost.

So, thanks to my completely absurd addiction to StumbleUpon, I have over the past several weeks following its premier come across dozens of blogs with their most recent posts dedicated to the latest, greatest, and final movie of the Harry Potter series. 

Then I put two and two together.

I have a blog.  Granted, I've done an excellent job of neglecting the poor thing this summer, but it exists nonetheless.

I also eat, breathe, and live Harry Potter and done so for the majority of my life.

What i realized is I need to say my goodbyes, regardless of how sillygoose or needless that may sound.

Love of all kinds for the following:

Third grade book fair.

An avid, eager lover of the written word from the age of four, I searched through the rows of shelves for my newest read, and finding nothing I prepared to leave when my mom suggests I start the Harry Potter series.  This I was not eager to do, although a few of my friends had already begun and claimed to love them. But for some reason reading about a young wizard boy didn't strike my fancy at that time. We bought it nonetheless and I started reading and nearly gave up after the first chapter.

But I kept on, and it changed my life.

I have not read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so in my life, J. K. Rowling's creation is the only series that comes to mind that truly transports any reader, child and adult alike, to an entirely new world.  She left out not a single detail, gave every character an entire backstory that could carry its own novel, invented her own sport so thoroughly that real schools are forming leagues of their own to join in on the fun of Quidditch, and brought to life a whole school for people to call home who are just a little bit different. Who doesn't want that? I wish my own quirks and uniquenesses could be as cool as having a magical power, but surely we all hope for a place we can go where none of that matters. Where there are people who match us.

Many of the earlier movies could do with a redo, that's for sure.  But I'm here to talk about the latest.  After rushing to Harkins Theatre after a 2 hour delayed flight. (NOT an amusing situation in the least.), donning my Luna costume in ten minutes flat, and cutting down the normal 17 minute drive to the theatre to a cool 10 (thanks so much, Dexter), we made it just in wait 3 hours.  But!! We had a nice and complete cast of characters in our group, and made a big enough splash so as to have random fellow movie-watchers come to ask us for photos. 

The clock struck twelve, I turned nineteen, and the magic happened.

The visually stimulating part of this movie alone deserves recognition.

Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes better both get oscar nods. From Snape's truly heartbreaking story and emotional memories brought to life, to the small, previously unnoticable nuances of Lord Voldemort's true character (the obvious actors choice to fight with his wand between the middle and pointer finger rather than the thumb, and the moment just before his ultimate shattering surrender that you see tears in his eyes, showing that for that split second maybe, just maybe Voldemort possessed a single human emotion other than hate: regret.) It is truly one of a kind, and an indescribably worthy finale to a story that had me at hello.

So now, all I have to say is: Bring it on, Pottermore.

ChaserCrimson132 is ready to continue the magical journey.

And on that note, just one final reason to love Emma Watson:

"The less you reveal, the more they wonder."

All my love, B.

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